Combination Feeding | How to Combine Breast & Bottle Feeding

Combination Feeding

As a new parent, you may be getting all sorts of advice from all sorts of people – even from people you don’t know. One of the most common advice that people give new parents is about feeding – and in particular, breastfeeding. There is a ton of stigma surrounding any other form of feeding and this can be quite daunting for new parents who still do not know whether they want to breastfeed their baby or try an alternative. 

What is Colostrum & It’s Benefits


Have you ever come across the phrase “liquid gold” in relation to your breastmilk? If not, then prepare to have your perceptions of breastfeeding your baby change forever when you’re introduced to this substance called colostrum.  Lactation can be a difficult process for new parents – and it is only made harder by the fact that breastmilk can often be extremely unpredictable and vary wildly between different lactating individuals. Colostrum is a part of this lactation process – and it

What is 10 Month Sleep Regression & How to Deal with it?

What is 10 Month Sleep Regression

When you are a new parent, your sleep schedule depends pretty much on when your baby decides to take a nap. Most new parents have heard all about the horrors and myths surrounding sleep regression, especially once their baby turns ten months old. But there are plenty of ways to tackle this problem with ease, and ensure that both you and your baby get a peaceful night’s sleep! What is 10-Month Sleep Regression Sleep regression is a phase your baby

Baby Spitting up Clear Liquid | Reasons & Remedies

Baby Spitting up Clear Liquid

As a new parent, the possibility of even the most minor issues happening with your baby may be enough to send chills up your spine. Many parents, for these express reasons, prefer to be safe than sorry and frequently hunt down internet forums in case of the slightest anomaly. One such occurrence is when your baby begins to spit up clear liquid and you’re not really sure why.  This experience is very rare with babies – however, if your child

Baby Hates the Car Seat? Here’s What You Can Do

Baby Hates Car Seat

Newborn babies are constantly crying, and it gets even tougher to deal with when you’re trying to navigate narrow roads along with the noise! Not only can a crying baby be annoying, but it can also be dangerously distracting. A car seat is a necessary addition when traveling with a child, but it can be a while before your baby gets used to spending time trapped in the seat. That’s exactly why parents are constantly looking for tips and tricks

What is the Witching Hour | Causes & Solution

What is the Witching Hour

You may have heard of the term “witching hour” going around a lot, especially with new parents. If you’d only ever heard of this term in stories, then the witching hour in babies is a pretty similar experience. As a new parent, it is one of the many hurdles that you’ll have to cross in order to have a healthy and happy baby on your hands.  If your baby has unexplainable periods of loud crying during odd hours of the

Dr Brown vs Philips Avent Bottles | In-Depth Comparison

Dr Brown vs Philips Avent Bottles

A baby bottle is the best way to keep your baby well-fed, satiated and happy. However, finding the right baby bottle is not as easy as it seems. Bottles come with an array of different features and qualities, and there are a lot of factors to be considered when shopping for one. The flow of the nipple and the material of the bottle are usually the most essential factors that should be decided depending on the preference and age of

Baby Crying in Sleep? Tips to Settle Baby at Night

Baby Crying in Sleep

Perhaps the biggest challenge for you, a new parent, has been getting your child to peacefully go to sleep. Trust us, you’re not alone in this  – there have been countless parents who get minimal amounts of shut-eye before they’re woken up by their baby crying from the other room. And each baby’s cry is different – there are numerous possible reasons as to why your baby could be expressing discomfort. But don’t worry, you won’t have to sit there

20 Physical Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Physical Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Physical activity is critical for everyone’s general health and well-being. Regular physical and mental activity has both short and long-term health advantages. Everyone has to exercise at some point in their life, thus we need to be informed on the advantages of exercise and how to include daily physical activity as soon as possible. It is easier to include a regiment into your toddler’s life. In an early stage of development, any routine is easier to adopt; once it becomes

Baby Won’t Sleep in Crib/Cot? Try These Tips

Baby Won't Sleep in Crib

If you’re a new parent, you might have a lot of questions as to your baby’s sleeping schedule. We will also take this time to wish you the best of luck since newborns are very difficult to calm and you can find yourself up at all hours of the night worried about them.  Babies may just refuse to go to sleep at proper times in their cot, and this can be highly inconvenient and daunting for you. Luckily, there are