Baby Weaning Recipes for 6 Months Old

Baby Weaning Recipes for 6 Months Old

Weaning is one of the natural phases of your baby’s growth and development. It is the progressive introduction of other meals to your baby while you continue to breastfeed them. Weaning can bring up a lot of mixed and overwhelmed feelings. You may be both happy and sad about your baby’s newfound independence and the fact that he/she is moving on to a new stage in her life. This is very normal behavior. But you got to start someday. So,

How & When to Start Expressing Milk

How and When to Start Expressing Milk

Pregnancy can be confusing as well as overwhelming. It comes at you out of nowhere and suddenly creates an urge within you to be the world’s best mother to your newborn baby. The first and foremost thing that all mothers have a hard time mastering is Breastfeeding. While it is scientifically and traditionally proven that breast milk and breastfeeding does wonder, some mothers may never have considered expressing milk. This is because the beautiful and unique bond that the mothers

Baby-led Breastfeeding | Complete Guide

Baby-led Breastfeeding

Do you know babies are born with the innate ability for knowing how to breastfeed? It just comes naturally to them. Amazing, isn’t it? While this seems to be astonishing to us, it really is that way.  Following inborn instincts in reaction to physical cues received through touch with the mother’s body, all newborn babies know how to discover and latch to their mother’s nipples. While breastfeeding is a common term here, “baby-led breastfeeding” appears to be something new. If you

When & How to Brush Baby Teeth

When and How to Brush Baby Teeth

There are numerous stages for parents to keep track of during their baby’s first year of life. And oral and dental care of the child is one of them. It is essential to take good care of your baby’s teeth today. Not only because establishing good oral habits early on helps assure a lifetime of dental health. But also Decayed infant teeth can hinder proper nutrition and speech development. When rotten baby teeth fall out, they don’t hold an appropriate location for

Baby Massage for Colic | Guide & Benefits

Baby Colic Massage

Have you ever known a baby that, despite a full tummy, clean diaper, and plenty of cuddles, won’t just stop crying? There are no words to adequately convey the gut-wrenching experience of your child crying and screaming for no apparent reason. Nothing appears to exist at that time except for their crying and your instinctive desire to calm them down.  One of the reasons for your baby’s continuous crying episodes may be colic. Colic is considered one of the most

Best Way to Wind a Baby

Best Way to Wind a Baby

Burping or winding your baby is an essential component of a baby’s feeding schedule. Air bubbles might be stuck in your baby’s stomach as they swallow, causing pain. So, winding enables your infant to ease the pain by removing some of the gassiness. It also aids in the prevention of spitting up.  Breastfeeding is a skill that mothers master over time. It takes some time to figure out which feeding and winding positions are the most comfortable for your baby.

Breastfeeding Nipple Shield | Complete Guide

Breastfeeding Nipple Shield

If you’re new to baby care or parenthood in general, you may have heard about breastfeeding nipple shields and wondered quite a few times, what are nipple shields? How do nipple shields work?  In a gist, nipple shields are often recommended by doctors to cater to several nursing problems. Most commonly, they are popularly prescribed to mothers who feel they have difficulty in latching. Therefore, unnecessary usage of breastfeeding nipple shields may also give birth to uncalled breastfeeding issues.  What is

Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby | Complete Guide

Breastfeeding an Adopted Baby

Now that your distinctive dream of adopting a child is about to turn into reality, you may feel excited and perplexed at the same time, pondering upon where to begin. Apart from struggling with which colored crib to go ahead with and what décor to set up in the nursery for your child, you may have other serious concerns regarding their upbringing or, most importantly, whether to bottle-feed or breastfeed the infant.  Although it may appear odd initially, it is

Best Dinosaur Toys for 3 & 4 year Olds in UK

Best Dinosaur Toys for 3 & 4 year Olds

Has your child recently become obsessed with dinosaurs and won’t stop watching those Jurassic Park movies over and over again? Well, most children go through their “dinosaur phase” around the ages of three to four, so there’s no need to worry about this burgeoning interest. In fact, it is perhaps best to encourage them when they come to you rattling off names of various dinosaurs that they’ve learned about.  In order to do so, you can present them with multiple

Breathing Techniques for Labour

Breathing Techniques for Labour

Labour is one of the most beautiful yet painful processes a woman can go through. It is true when a woman says there’s no pain like the pain in childbirth. However, the labor pain varies from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy.  Labor pain can feel like period cramps for some women and intense pressure for others. But the one thing that remains constant in relieving the pain up to some extent is breathing. Breathing techniques for labour can