Best Styling Head Dolls for Kids in UK

Styling head dolls define a greater part of our growing up in terms of the chronological and creative age. It would take us hours to make up the doll’s head but nothing could compare to the satisfaction of perfecting a new hairstyle on the doll’s head toy. The affinity to styling head dolls is understandable and natural for an age when we would qualify as too old to play with dolls and too young to give that up altogether. 

Modern-day toys are a step ahead of what most of the millennials have got in their childhood. The best styling doll heads, available in the market today, offer a wide range of creative liberty and encouragement to style their hair with colorful extensions, comb, brush, clips, hair ties, hair elastics, and everything that makes your growing baby feel no less than a professional hairdresser behind the glam-up runway models. 

So here is our list of the best picks that can provide the most incredible experience of styling head to your kid. 

10 Best Doll Styling Heads for Kids

1st Place
Disney Princess Rapunzel Deluxe Styling Head By JP Disney Styling
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2 Princess Coralie Make-Up and Hairdressing Head By Theo Klein
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3 OMG Styling Head with Stick-on Hair for Endless Styles By L.O.L. Surprise!
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4 Bayer Design Head Girls Charlene Super Model By Bayer Design
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5 Barbie Dreamtopia Unicorn Styling Head By JP Barbie
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 1. Disney Princess Rapunzel Deluxe Styling Head

Talking about hair, how could we forget the popular Disney Princess Rapunzel whose long and beautiful locks have been, at least for once, every girl’s ambition to own. The Disney Princess Rapunzel Deluxe Styling Head features Rapunzel’s iconic blonde hair for your kid to brush, style, and experiment with.

The set arrives with 12 fun styling tools that encompass hairdressing items and other grooming-up elements like pretentious nail painting and eye makeup wand. The hair extensions attached with barrettes can also design your child’s hair as well as the doll heads’. The color change technology on lips, nails, and eyes allows a wider range of experimenting with the doll’s look. 


  1. Creative designing with 12 fun accessories 
  2. Color change on eyes, lips, and nails with cold water
  3. Hair extensions can be used with your kid too 
  4. Long and voluminous hair 


  1. The hair develops knots easily, needs frequent brushing 
  2. Wobbly and needs a stronger base

Quick Verdict:

An association with Rapunzel gives your kid a tangible relation to the storyline. Since the Disney princess franchise is popular and so widely known, a thematic styling doll head would help in developing creative links and purposeful correlation to your baby’s playtime. 

 2. Princess Coralie Make-Up and Hairdressing Head

If you wish to throw in a little more than just hair-dressing elements to your baby’s interaction with doll heads, The Princess Coralie Make-Up, and Hairdressing Head can give you the wide canvas for the same.

The set includes lip gloss, eye shadow, and blusher to groom up the doll’s styling head. Each of the make-up elements has been dermatologically tested to ensure that young kids prevent coming in contact with harsh chemicals. The face of the doll head can be decorated while the hair can be designed in multiple ways using a comb, a brush, hair grips, and hair clips, beads, and extensions. 


  1. Makeup and hair designing accessories 
  2. Make-up elements are tested safe for baby’s soft skin 
  3. Easy to wipe off the makeup and undo the hair 
  4. Promotes aesthetic creativity and fine motor skills  


  1. Expensive 
  2. Most customers find the hair non-voluminous

Quick Verdict:

The doll head is comparatively larger and more realistic in design than most of the doll head styling sets available in regular stores. If your kid is more attentive to detail, he/ she would love to stay engaged for longer durations in making up the doll’s face and hair. 

 3. OMG Styling Head with Stick-on Hair for Endless Styles

Customers who have bought the Royal Bee OMG styling doll head can’t get over how beautiful the doll head looks in itself. Call it a supermodel or high-fashion look, the styling head is an attractive toy designed with millennial fashion trends in mind.

The set has 30 accessories to decorate the gorgeous curls. Change the hairstyles uniquely and in endless manners as the color of the curls can also be tweaked with the accessories. The doll head gets a facial makeover with ice, changing the color of the make-up to execute the myriad of styles your girl has in her mind. 


  1. 14 hairpieces and 15 accessories to experiment more broadly 
  2. Available in two characters 
  3. The base of the styling head swivels for easy styling
  4. Drawer to store accessories 


  1. Expensive 
  2. The stick-on accessories lose the gluey base soon
  3. Curls are hard, may rip off if pulled back harshly

Quick Verdict:

The product is not only impressive but also highly engaging. It gives a party and posh vibe which may entertain your baby beyond the regular. Experiments with fierce looks always encourage more glamorous creativity over conventional look designs. 

 4. Bayer Design Head Girls Charlene Super Model

If you need a fairly large doll head that can give a more realistic appeal to your growing girl’s playtime, the Charlene super model styling head would not disappoint you. The doll head is 27 cm long with long and voluminous blonde hair that can be designed in a myriad of ways.

It is one of the best styling head dolls for kids who wish to unleash the creativity in them to its fullest bloom. It is a decently wide setting to allow creating trendy hairstyles without the fuss of fine hair slipping out or the doll head getting off the base, as it happens with small styling heads while playing. 


  1. Long lashes, big eyes, and blond hair styling head 
  2. Larger in size and includes accessories like a comb, brush, clips
  3. Includes make-up and designing stick-on
  4. Great ideas on the show box to foster imagination


  1. A suction base could have been more fixating
  2. Costlier but worth the spend

Quick Verdict:

The doll head for styling has a beautiful hearty face with voluminous hair that can give your baby a more fine perception of dressing hair in reality. 

5. Barbie Dreamtopia Unicorn Styling Head

Barbie Dreamtopia brings about a fabulous range of Barbie-themed toys to encourage the skill of styling, storytelling, and role-playing in your kids. The Unicorn Styling Head toy can be a great source of inspiration for your kids’ imaginative exploration. Perceive this as a pet, a doll, or a best friend that your kid can spend hours decorating and experimenting over the aesthetics without you having to look much after the maintenance.

Designing a fitting look for a unicorn head gives the child an exceptional sense of style which helps boost their creative mapping skills. The unicorn is accompanied by beautiful rooted eyelashes and flowing rainbow hair. 


  1. Glitter head, neck, horn, and metallic harness on a unicorn head
  2. Star printed hairbrush and colorful hair clips for brushing and styling 
  3. Cuddly friends and expansive creative ideas


  1. Less voluminous hair to style 
  2. Pricing is equivalent to doll heads

Quick Verdict:

No matter if your kid admires playing with dolls or not, this unicorn styling doll will definitely catch his/ her interest in designing the rainbow locks of the unicorn. There is no risk of going wrong with the style- so enjoy the freedom well!

6. BABY Born Sister Styling Kids’ Play Makeup & Hair Dressing Heads

The Baby Born sister styling head is a larger model with 1.2 kgs of weight to ensure greater stability and more freedom in decorating and making up the doll. Let them invite friends or bring the siblings together in making up the doll head with 24 accessories including a hairbrush, clips, and stick-on sequins.

There is a vast expanse of ways in which the designs can be mixed and matched with makeup. The makeup palette in the set can help give a full makeover to the doll head. Unlike the lightweight and tiny dolls that topple over and shift easily while playing, this doll head is more stable and reliable with entertainment. 


  1. Wear-resistant and voluminous hair 
  2. Larger head and stable base
  3. Over 24 accessories for makeup and hairdressing 
  4. Makeup elements are safe for baby’s skin


  1. Not smooth hair but wear-resistant 
  2. Expensive

Quick Verdict:

The toy remains relevant to use for kids from 3 to 8 years of age which is quite a decently long time of use. Most parents find the model more playful and long-lasting compared to other competitive models in the market.

7. Frozen 2 Anna Styling Head

For a Disney fan, Frozen is not an alien story. The characters Elsa and Anna resemble sets of values that are deeply motivating and encouraging. The Disney Frozen Anna Styling head could give a valuable connection to your kid. Upon engaging in designing the hair of this cost-effective and budget-friendly doll head, your kid would learn to link storytelling with the characters while giving her creativity a new level of execution.

It can even prove highly beneficial if your kid can reciprocate Anna’s hairstyles from specific scenes of the movie with precision. Besides the artistic unleashing, various aspects of motor skill development and memory can find their course of exercising your kid’s mental growth 


  1. Includes 1 crocus flower hairbrush, 6 hair clips, 1 crocus flower hair comb, and 5 elastic bands.
  2. Anna Styling Head with long red hair 
  3. Cheaper
  4. The accessories can be used on the kid’s hair too 


  1. Small and does not stay fixed

Quick Verdict:

Let your child’s creativity flow in brushing, braiding, and pinning the princess’s hair into fabulous styles. The red iconic hairstyle of Anna can be her playful destination to enhance motor skills and memory without punching your pocket out.

8. Fisher-Price – Shimmer and Shine Styling Head

Is your baby fascinated with jewellery and hairdressing? Inspired by the American animated television series Shimmer and Shine, the styling head resembling Shimmer is all set to entertain her. Her beautiful and long pink hair can be brushed, braided, and styled while six pretty jewellery pieces can decorate Shimmer’s dress, earrings, headpiece, and necklace. The woven tinsel strands are lucrative and customers concede to the fact that kids love playing with the colorful subjects.

Thematically Shimmer and Shine convey that even genies need training in their early days- well, your kid is no less either. For training their creative minds and enabling fine coordination development, get these styling heads to experiment now!


  1. Headpiece, two clip-on highlights, and hairbrush for hairdressing
  2. Six jewels, sticker sheet to enhance the getup​
  3. Long hair with tinsel strands of pink
  4. Medium-sized Shimmer styling head and budget-friendly 


  1. A little rough hair 
  2. The base does not sit unmoved

Quick Verdict:

The doll head for styling is a great option to entertain your kid and playfully occupy them. The eye-catching design and beautiful hair would be some of the most fascinating elements of the toy collection your kid has. Overall it is a great value for money.

9. Sparkle Deluxe Styling Head-Afro Hair

Growing up, Barbie becomes an idolized reflection of what a baby girl wishes to dress up like. No doubt, the importance of Barbie as a fashion aspiration or icon inspires a girl as a close companion. The Barbie Rainbow Sparkle Styling Head can ignite a friendship with your baby girl in more tender ways where she can design and make-up Barbie Afro head as per her ambition and choice.

The Barbie signature comb, hair extension, sequins, and hair clips make it more fun to engage with. You can witness your little genius getting onto the role of a professional hairdresser and sharing etiquettes with the Barbie doll in more creative ways.


  1. Allows brushing, twisting, pop-designing, and pinning into trendy designs
  2. Coldwater and the applicator brush changes the tone of manicure and lips
  3. High-fashion model inspired 


  1. A little bit pricey 
  2. Does not stay in place while designing 

Quick Verdict:

Barbie is so closely related to a girl’s doll universe. It gives the kid every freedom to picture however they wish to envisage Barbie in their own way and get to design the style on the doll head. It is an entertaining set to play with. 

10. Girl’s World Head with Pink Growing Hair

The Girl’s World Head with Pink Growing Hair is an impressive set for styling the pink and healthy hair of the doll. It is voluminous and is a timeless classic toy. With over 25 accessories and hair extensions to decorate and embellish the doll, your kid would have more than one way of styling and braiding the doll head.

The accessories are pretty interesting to have and keeps the child occupied in the exploration of inner creativity and hairdressing ideas over a longer time. The hairbands, pop-gems, and extensions are crucial in developing a runway model-type hairstyle. Modify the hair, grow them, or innovate the clips adding the gems- take the hairdressing play to the next level. 


  1. Has over 25 Accessories including extensions, bands, brush, and gems
  2. Has Growing Pink Hair
  3. Timeless Classic Toy and eye-catching


  1. The base needs more stability 
  2. A bit on the pricey side  

Quick Verdict:

Your kids can almost feel like engaging in overdressing a friend while playing with the styling head. They are an incredible way for children to experiment with aesthetic styling and fashion statements that help them develop a get-up tone for themselves as they grow. The toy is incredibly attractive and may become your baby’s bestie over time. 


Styling doll toys are trending for all the good reasons. These are not only limited to creativity but also encourage the development of fine motor skills in kids. Ever thought about why it is so tough for some to get those perfect wings with eye-liner brushes while some do it so well on both the eyes? Yes, the motor refinement is at work here! Don’t stay restricted to this example either. Enhanced motor skills make precision-based activities so easier to perform. If your child gets control over hand and eye coordination, you can witness them getting less clumsy and more physically accurate with day-to-day activities.

Laura is a trained primary teacher who takes a profound liking in interacting with and bringing out the best in children. She is also an ISSA certified pediatrician with an extensive practice of over 12 years. Laura comprehends the needs of infants and now compresses her expertise into writing thorough parenting guides to aid new parents.

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