When & How to Brush Baby Teeth

When and How to Brush Baby Teeth

There are numerous stages for parents to keep track of during their baby’s first year of life. And oral and dental care of the child is one of them. It is essential to take good care of your baby’s teeth today. Not only because establishing good oral habits early on helps assure a lifetime of dental health. But also Decayed infant teeth can hinder proper nutrition and speech development. When rotten baby teeth fall out, they don’t hold an appropriate location for

Baby Massage for Colic | Guide & Benefits

Baby Colic Massage

Have you ever known a baby that, despite a full tummy, clean diaper, and plenty of cuddles, won’t just stop crying? There are no words to adequately convey the gut-wrenching experience of your child crying and screaming for no apparent reason. Nothing appears to exist at that time except for their crying and your instinctive desire to calm them down.  One of the reasons for your baby’s continuous crying episodes may be colic. Colic is considered one of the most

Baby Spitting up Clear Liquid | Reasons & Remedies

Baby Spitting up Clear Liquid

As a new parent, the possibility of even the most minor issues happening with your baby may be enough to send chills up your spine. Many parents, for these express reasons, prefer to be safe than sorry and frequently hunt down internet forums in case of the slightest anomaly. One such occurrence is when your baby begins to spit up clear liquid and you’re not really sure why.  This experience is very rare with babies – however, if your child

Baby Vomiting Mucus: Causes & Prevention

Baby Vomiting Mucus

Parenting can be tough. Really, really tough. Everything that happens to your baby seems to have a direct impact on you, mentally as well as emotionally. And looking at your baby vomiting can be extremely painful. But what if we told you that most of the times your baby is vomiting it is normal? Yes, you read it correctly. Your baby may be vomiting for extremely simple reasons which are necessary for your baby’s development. However, they still are reasons

Why is the Baby Arching Back?

Baby Arching Back

Has your baby been arching their back or has been throwing their head back lately? Are you afraid that your baby may be hurting themselves as they do so? We understand that as a new parent, you must be concerned about everything that is related to your baby. It is important to say that a baby arching back is dangerous since it can hurt them in various ways. But you do not have to worry. This is why we have

Grunting Baby Syndrome – Why is your Baby Grunting?

Grunting Baby Syndrome

For a parent of a newborn, things can get a little overwhelming at times. And these parents can be as sensitive as their infants are. Looking at your baby even in the slightest pain can be extremely agonizing. One of the common kinds of pain that a baby suffers from is grunting. A baby may grunt while playing, pooping and even sleeping. Grunting can be caused due to many reasons but one of the dominant reasons can be the grunting