Combination Feeding | How to Combine Breast & Bottle Feeding

Combination Feeding

As a new parent, you may be getting all sorts of advice from all sorts of people – even from people you don’t know. One of the most common advice that people give new parents is about feeding – and in particular, breastfeeding. There is a ton of stigma surrounding any other form of feeding and this can be quite daunting for new parents who still do not know whether they want to breastfeed their baby or try an alternative. 

What is Colostrum & It’s Benefits


Have you ever come across the phrase “liquid gold” in relation to your breastmilk? If not, then prepare to have your perceptions of breastfeeding your baby change forever when you’re introduced to this substance called colostrum.  Lactation can be a difficult process for new parents – and it is only made harder by the fact that breastmilk can often be extremely unpredictable and vary wildly between different lactating individuals. Colostrum is a part of this lactation process – and it

Dr Brown vs Philips Avent Bottles | In-Depth Comparison

Dr Brown vs Philips Avent Bottles

A baby bottle is the best way to keep your baby well-fed, satiated and happy. However, finding the right baby bottle is not as easy as it seems. Bottles come with an array of different features and qualities, and there are a lot of factors to be considered when shopping for one. The flow of the nipple and the material of the bottle are usually the most essential factors that should be decided depending on the preference and age of

Best Baby Slings for Breastfeeding in UK

Best Baby Slings for Breastfeeding in UK

Breastfeeding baby carriers are the modern-day lifesavers for moms. Nursing a baby on an average of 8-18 times a day is not only a demanding task but also highly interruptive. We won’t lecture you on your baby’s need – that’s something you can surely do better than anyone- however, we can make it easier for you with our selected list of the best sling for breastfeeding and a nuanced guide on how to find the best breastfeeding sling in the

Best Strapless Maternity and Nursing Bras in UK

Best Strapless Maternity and Nursing Bras in UK

Are you a mum-to-be who is disgusted by the uncomfort in their breasts due to pregnancy? Or perhaps you are a mum who is looking for comfortable nursing bras. In either case, you have come to the right place, read on to know more about the best strapless maternity and nursing bras available in the UK. Here are some of the advantages of strapless maternity and nursing bras that you should consider. These bras are specially designed to provide more

What is Dream Feeding and How to Dream Feed?

What is Dream Feeding

Does your baby wake up several times in the night to get the feeding? Do they end up getting cranky at night after one of the feeds? Does your baby make you stay up all day and all night due to their feeding patterns? Are you curious about what is a dream feed? Or maybe you’re just a concerned to-be parent who is looking up online for all the tips and tricks that this web has to offer about parenting.

Baby Refusing Bottle? Tips to Bottle Feed a Breastfed Baby

Baby Refusing Bottle Tips to Bottle Feed a Breastfed Baby

Is your baby refusing milk from a bottle? Have you too been looking for bottle-feeding tips for your infants? Or have you been searching through the internet – how to get a breastfed baby to take a bottle? To a parent of a newborn, these problems may seem floor shattering but in actuality, this is a process of growing for the babies. The transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding can be like travelling on a bumpy road, one that you must

Best Anti Colic Bottles in UK

Best Anti Colic Bottles in UK

Parenting infants can be extremely tough. And on top of all the hassles, colic really takes away your sleep (and that of your baby). We find it extremely important to make sure that your babies do not suffer from Colic. One of the easiest and the most effective ways in this direction is to use anti colic bottles. These reflux bottles make sure that the baby doesn’t suck in more air while bottle feeding. But which anti colic bottle should

Best Baby Bottle Makers in UK

Best Baby Bottle Makers in UK

Your formula-fed newborn needs utmost care when it comes to feeding perfectly every time. Whether you are a new mother or a second child is coming, it’s a time-consuming task to mix the formula in a bottle and feed your baby. Not anymore when you opt for the best baby bottle makers in UK. Maybe you have been so busy preparing baby bottles you didn’t get the news. There is a new way to prepare one with just twist of a