What is 10 Month Sleep Regression & How to Deal with it?

What is 10 Month Sleep Regression

When you are a new parent, your sleep schedule depends pretty much on when your baby decides to take a nap. Most new parents have heard all about the horrors and myths surrounding sleep regression, especially once their baby turns ten months old. But there are plenty of ways to tackle this problem with ease, and ensure that both you and your baby get a peaceful night’s sleep! What is 10-Month Sleep Regression Sleep regression is a phase your baby

What is the Witching Hour | Causes & Solution

What is the Witching Hour

You may have heard of the term “witching hour” going around a lot, especially with new parents. If you’d only ever heard of this term in stories, then the witching hour in babies is a pretty similar experience. As a new parent, it is one of the many hurdles that you’ll have to cross in order to have a healthy and happy baby on your hands.  If your baby has unexplainable periods of loud crying during odd hours of the

When do Babies Walk | How to Encourage Babies to Walk

When do Babies Walk

If you’re here, then chances are you’re a new anxious parent who is worried that they’re going to miss their baby taking their first steps. Here, we would like to present you with some fairly simple and noticeable signs that indicate when babies start walking. Just sit back and get ready to get it on video – it’s going to be a memorable experience indeed. But if you’re still worried and want to be completely proactive throughout this process, here