Best Lightweight Compact Stroller for Travel in UK

Parents can have a hard time travelling with babies. And this can even be aggravated if they don’t have the right stroller. So obviously, if you are a parent who needs to travel, you must have a compact travel buggy. But finding the best lightweight stroller can be extremely difficult with hundreds of options available. You, however, do not have to worry at all. We have come up with a guide for you to choose a good travel stroller. So read further to know more about the best lightweight compact strollers for travel in the UK. 

Advantages of having a Travel Stroller/Buggy

Having a travel stroller has many benefits. They are specially made compact to make the travel easier and more comfortable, not just for the baby but for the parents as well. A compact pram while travelling either in a car or otherwise goes a long way in saving all the hustle. After all, the trips and travels should be thoroughly enjoyed, shouldn’t they? Along with this, a travel buggy also doubles as an alternate buggy, if you already have one. So buying a travel buggy is always a great idea. Read on check out the best lightweight and compact travel strollers available in the UK. 

10 Best Lightweight & Compact Travel Stroller in UK

1st Place
SONARIN Lightweight Stroller By SONARIN
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2 Silver Cross Zest Stroller By Silver Cross
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3 Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Travel Pushchair By Baby Jogger
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4 Kinderkraft Lightweight Stroller By Kinderkraft
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5 Silver Cross Jet Travel Stroller By Silver Cross
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1. SONARIN Lightweight Stroller

The SONARIN Lightweight Stroller is one of the best strollers available in the UK for travel. It has great features that will catch your attention immediately. They even offer free replacement parts such as wheels, sunshades and safety buckles.

This stroller is suitable for use from birth and has the maximum weight capacity of 15 kilograms. It is a great stroller for airplanes and can be placed in almost any car boot. It is highly safe as it comes with a five-point seat harness and is made of aluminum alloy which makes it lightweight.

The SONARIN Lightweight Stroller has the wheel independent shock absorbing technology which makes it secure as well smoother. And to add to all this, the stroller also comes with a storage bag, a cooling mat, a mosquito net and even a saliva towel. This, however, doesn’t come with any shopping basket.


  1. Easy Folding
  2. Free Replacement Parts
  3. Shock Absorbing Wheels
  4. Lightweight


  1. No shopping basket
  2. No tray provided

Quick Verdict

If you are travelling with a baby and need a stroller, this is actually a nice product to be considered. The SONARIN Lightweight Stroller is a good choice if you need a compact and lightweight stroller. The maximum weight capacity is up to 15 kgs and being compact it can be accommodated inside the boot of any car.

2. Silver Cross Zest Stroller

Tiny or toddler; Silver Cross Zest Stroller is one of the best options available in the market for newborn babies. It can most conveniently accommodate your babies up to 25 kg! It features a wide, padded lie-flat seat, and a multi-position recline. Another great thing about this stroller is that even when your little one starts to become more independent, its powerful structure and broad backrest continue to comfort them and keep them supported in the Zest buggy. It is also considered as one of the best strollers for 4 year olds in the UK.

The stroller only weighs 5.8 kg and hence, it is extremely lightweight for you to carry around. To make it more convenient for you, it also accompanies a portable shoulder strap and a quick and simple one-handed fold feature. Your baby’s safety is 100% assured with a 5-point safety harness that suits the robust aluminum chassis and lavish fabric. It not only looks good but also works well! 

The shopping basket makes the chore more convenient for the mothers; you no longer need to worry about managing your shopping items with your little one as this stroller will do the work for you!


  1. Multi Recline
  2. High weight capacity
  3. Very Lightweight
  4. Large Shopping Basket


  1. Slightly less sturdy
  2. Slightly costly

Quick Verdict

The Silver Cross Zest Stroller is one of the safest and most comfortable strollers available in the market. You get 5 color variant to choose from. It has robust chassis and wide backrest along with calf support. To conclude, it is one stroller that “grows” with your baby. It is worth your investment!

3. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Travel Pushchair

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Travel Pushchair is the ultimate travel option that you’re looking for! It is a competitive product in the market.

It features a lightweight design that weighs just 6.5 kilograms. It features a compact one-hand fold which makes the pushchair fold itself with just a lift. It includes a carry bag that makes it super easy for you to fold, unfold, and pack up. This newly redesigned pushchair is perfectly suitable for your little ones from birth and is fully compatible with infant car seats.

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Travel Pushchair also features adjustable calf support for extra comfort and a near-flat seat recline. The full coverage UV50+ canopy features a peek-a-boo window for you to keep a check on your baby. It also accompanies a storage basket. It keeps your little one safe, secure, and comfortable. He/she can comfortably nap with the multi-position seat recline. 


  1. Lightweight
  2. Carry bag included
  3. Sleek design
  4. UV protected canopy


  1. No tray included
  2. Full recline not possible

Quick Verdict

If you’re someone highly concerned about your little one’s comfort, then the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Travel Pushchair is an amazing option for you! It is very compact and can be folded with one-hand which makes it easy for transportation. With durable rubber composite tires, the baby will enjoy a smooth ride on this one.

4. Kinderkraft Lightweight Stroller

The Kinderkraft stroller is an ideal choice that provides superior comfort and convenience for your little one. It features a lightweight design with a wide sun/wind shade to keep your baby protected. The shade can also be extended by utilizing the zip fastener. The stroller is easy to handle with its front swivel wheels that can also be locked if you are planning a straight-ahead drive. 

All four wheels of the Kinderkraft Lightweight stroller feature bearings and shock absorbers to help cope with the curbs. The wide sitting area provides enough space for your little one to sit and sleep in the most convenient way possible.

It features a one-hand fold that makes it easy for you to fold, unfold, and pack up. From sitting to the lying position, the multi-stage adjustment of the backrest allows the baby to sit comfortably while you adjust. 


  1. Easy to lock wheels
  2. Thick polyester and iron frames
  3. Large shopping basket
  4. One handed closing


  1. Slightly heavy
  2. Very thin Footmuff

Quick Verdict

The Kinderkraft stroller comes with an adjustable sun/wind shade to protect the baby harmful sunrays. The seat comfortable ensuring long duration traveling. The seat is also wide which provides enough space for the baby to sit and sleep conveniently.

5. Silver Cross Jet Travel Stroller

Silver Cross Jet Travel Stroller is perfectly suitable for your newborns and until they’re toddlers. It features an elevated seat position that extends to lie-flat, flip-friendly brakes, and a 5-point safety harness to ensure your little one’s ultimate security. The stroller is super compact and it will almost feel like a small suitcase that you’re pulling. This newly redesigned stroller just weighs 6.2 kg and features a new ergonomically designed seat to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. The front wheels are robust enough to cope with the curbs. 

Another amazing thing about the Silver Cross Jet Travel Stroller is that you can convert it into a compact travel system with the Dream or Simplicity car seat and adaptors that the company sells separately. It also includes a protective cover to keep your baby in the shade. The hood delivers UPF50+ protection with air-flow ventilation and a pop-out sun visor. 


  1. Compact Folding
  2. Lightweight
  3. Extendable Option


  1. Very small front wheels
  2. No tray available

Quick Verdict

With 5-point safety harness and extendable Ventilated UPF50+ Hood, the safety of your kid is assured with the Silver Cross Jet Travel Stroller. It has a maximum capacity of 15 kgs which is less as compared to some other strollers but has enough space for the baby to lie-flat inside the stroller.

6. Ickle Bubba Baby Discovery Max Stroller

If you have ever tried buying a stroller, you must have heard about the Ickle Bubba Baby Discovery Max Stroller. This has been a trusted product for a long time.

This stroller is made of a lightweight aluminum frame but is very durable. It can be used with only one hand and has a three position recline feature. It also has a large extendable UPF 50 hood that will protect your kid from harmful sun rays. The stroller also comes with a ventilated roll-up fabric that will keep your baby cool in warm weather.

This stroller has a front and rear suspension that facilitate a smoother ride and the lockable front swivels wheels that can be used on bumpy terrain. The Ickle Bubba Baby Discovery Max Stroller uses a stylish leatherette tan handle and leg rest. It also comes with a rain cover and a spacious storage basket that can store all the essential things needed by the kid. These features will make your travel extremely comfortable and easy.


  1. UPF 50 Protection
  2. Three position recline
  3. Durable
  4. Rear suspension


  1. Slightly costly
  2. No tray available

Quick Verdict

The Ickle Bubba Baby Discovery Max Stroller is a trendy stroller. If you are a parent looking for a stroller that is stylish and safe for the kids, this is an ideal choice for you. The large and extendable hood makes sure your child is safe from any harmful sun rays. Although it is slightly costly, it has tons of features to keep up that price.

7. Hauck Rapid 4 Foldable Pushchair

The Hauck Rapid 4 Foldable Pushchair is a great travel pushchair. It is highly adjustable and can be used for babies right from their birth. It can be used in a lying position as well as in the separate two in one carrycot. It can bear up to 22 kilograms in the seat unit and 3 kilograms in the basket.

This stroller is easy to fold as well as easy to carry with just one hand by the release loop. The stroller can be adjusted through the backrest and the footrest until it is into a flat lying position. Along with this, the Hauck Rapid 4 Foldable Pushchair can also be adjusted through the height for the parents. This is especially great for parents with a bigger height difference. It also has a large shopping basket.

The Hauck Rapid 4 Foldable Pushchair is equipped with a five point harness and a bumper bar. It is also approved by the European Safety Standards.


  1. Backrest and Footrest adjustable up to lying position
  2. High Weight Capacity
  3. Height Adjustable
  4. Approved by European Safety Standards


  1. No tray included
  2. No UV protection

Quick Verdict

The Hauck Rapid 4 Foldable Pushchair is a great option for a travel buggy. A total of 25 kgs can be accommodated by this stroller. There’s a basket to keep all the essentials. The seat has enough space for the baby to lie down. Parents looking for a highly adjustable buggy should totally consider this!

8. Allis Lightweight Stroller

Looking for the best lightweight stroller? You just can’t miss considering the Allis Lightweight Stroller. It comes with many features loaded. This stroller can be folded single-handedly making it extremely easy to use for the parents. This stroller is also equipped with 360-degree swivel wheels for smooth strolling.

The Allis Lightweight Stroller is made of high quality materials that are skin friendly and soft for the baby and provide comfortable rides to the babies.

The stroller is equipped with a four wheel suspension and can be compacted to a very small size when folded. The folding mechanism used is the one handed folding mechanism. It is made of a light aluminium frame with steel elements making it extremely lightweight and yet durable. You do not have to worry about your kids’ safety as this is made extremely safe with its building material and mechanisms.


  1. 360 degree swivel
  2. Skin friendly
  3. One handed folding mechanism
  4. Lightweight


  1. Less sturdy
  2. Small Basket

Quick Verdict

The Allis Lightweight Stroller is a widely chosen stroller. It is mad of high quality material which is soft and skin friendly. The stroller is lightweight yet very durable. The one handed folding mechanism makes it extremely easy to fold the stroller. If you are looking for a stroller that is engineered to be highly efficient, then you must have a look at this one.

9. Silver Cross Reflex Stroller 

The Silver Cross Reflex Stroller is one of the best strollers for babies when it comes to travelling. It has been highly reviewed and liked by all the customers and has one of the best designs.

This buggy is suitable for babies right from birth. You can use it for your babies for a long period of time until your baby grows up as a toddler since it can handle a maximum weight of up to 25 kilograms. It has an extra roomy seat which comes with a super soft memory foam cushion. The head support is also made in such a way that the head of the baby is delicately supported.

Unlike most other strollers, the Silver Cross Reflex Stroller uses the  Unique Baby Curve technology. This means that the backrest has been designed ergonomically in order to create a natural cradling position for the baby. This will also protect the baby’s spine and back while giving them maximum comfort. 

This pushchair is compact and stylish. It is equipped with a one-handed folding feature making it comfortable for the parents to use as well. It can be converted into a compact travel system using the car seat adaptors. It also comes with a rain cover.


  1. Suitable from Birth
  2. Newborn Head Hugger
  3. Car Seat Compatible
  4. Ergonomic design


  1. Too Costly
  2. Not lightweight

Quick Verdict

The Silver Cross Reflex Stroller comes provides enough room for the baby along with a super soft memory foam cushion. There is a head support which ensures that the head of the baby is in place. It also uses a Unique Baby Curve technology which is used to create a natural cradling position for the baby. With this you can make your long drives extremely comfortable for your babies using the Silver Cross Reflex Stroller.

10. Hauck Shopper Neo II Pushchair

Wrapping up this list is not even an option without the Hauck Shopper Neo II Pushchair. This pushchair is amazingly comfortable and compact. Your trips and tours will become ten times simpler with this one.

This stroller is equipped with an Easy Folding mechanism that makes folding it simpler than ever. And you just need one hand. It takes just a few seconds to fold it using only one hand making it absolutely easy. It can be fitted in almost any car boot and that too without any hassle.

The Hauck Shopper Neo II Pushchair is suitable for infants right from birth and can be used for a long time since it can bear the maximum weight of 25 kilograms. So if you’re someone who needs to travel a lot, this is a great option for you. 

This stroller is extremely comfortable with its adjustable backrest and footrests that can even be tilted to a lying position. It also comes with a large sun hood that is UV protected and a shopping basket which is extremely spacious. The front wheels can swivel which makes steering the pushchair very easy. 

The Hauck Shopper Neo II Pushchair also has two practical trays with ample space for drinks and accessories not just for the baby but for the parent as well. It is also equipped with a five point harness which is approved according to the European Safety Standards.


  1. Superbly Compact
  2. Spacious
  3. Practical trays
  4. European Safety Standards approved


  1. Not lightweight
  2. Slightly costly

Quick Verdict

If you are looking for a compact and safe pushchair for your baby, this is a great choice. The Hauck Shopper Neo II Pushchair is an ideal compact stroller. It comes with all the basic features like the Easy Folding mechanism and a large sun hood for UV protection.

How to Choose the Best Lightweight Stroller in UK

How to Choose the Best Lightweight Stroller in UK

Now that you have had a look at the best lightweight strollers in the UK, it is time for you to now choose what suits your needs. So when you are looking to zero down on one stroller, make sure to keep the following factors in mind.

1. Age Limit

Most strollers are usable from birth. This is great for parents of infants. But if you are a parent of a toddler, you might want to look for a stroller that matches the age limit. You should also keep in mind for how long you need to use the stroller so that it doesn’t end up stored somewhere in the store room or goes useless in just a small period of time.

2. Weight Limit

This is another important factor. You must look for what the maximum weight capacity of the stroller is in order to make sure it matches your needs. Additionally, the higher weight capacity would also indicate that the stroller is sturdy and more durable. Therefore, go for a stroller that suits your weight capacity.

3. Ease of Usage

Yes, the stroller should be easy to use for you too. After all, that is why you’re buying a travel stroller. Look for a stroller that has easy but functional mechanisms. Look for options like height adjustability and other features related to adjustability.

4. Weight of the Stroller

This is one of the most important factors. The baby travel stroller should be as lightweight as possible. This is important for the parents as they are the ones who need to carry the stroller everywhere. You must go for an extremely lightweight stroller but also make sure that it is still sturdy and durable.

5. Folding Mechanism

Folding mechanism goes complimentary with the ease of usage. There are many stroller brands that offer one hand folding mechanism that should be preferred because it will make it easy for the parents to manage if they’re alone or have a lot of things to manage along with the baby. An easy folding mechanism will help you travel more comfortably.

6. Storage options

Look for the storage options as well when looking for the best travel stroller. A stroller that is extremely compact when folded and fit in any car boot must be preferred over those that can not be.

Our Advice

Choosing the best compact stroller uk can be extremely strenuous. After all, you want to go for the best stroller for your babies. With so many brands and options available, it is important that you list your needs well in advance and then adhere to it. We suggest that you keep the above points in mind while looking for the best travel stroller for you. This has been made after an extensive research. You must remember that even if you have  spent an extra buck to get a better buggy, you should go for it. It is for your kids ultimately. We hope that this guide-cum-review helped you in gaining clarity about the travel buggy!

Laura is a trained primary teacher who takes a profound liking in interacting with and bringing out the best in children. She is also an ISSA certified pediatrician with an extensive practice of over 12 years. Laura comprehends the needs of infants and now compresses her expertise into writing thorough parenting guides to aid new parents.

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